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Over the next 12 weeks, this workbook will guide you through a transformational faith-based process to discern and address various aspects of your life that influence your happiness. Through prayer, reflection, and practical exercises, you'll uncover God's plan for your joy and equip yourself with the tools to embrace it fully. This workbook is a beautiful combination of Biblical and Psychology tools and practices.


12 Weeks at a Glance:

1. Your Joy Meter

2. Strengths Assessment

3. Gratitude

4. Give to Others

5. Social Bonds

6. Active Lifestyle

7. Be Present

8. Skill Growth

9. Rest Well

10. Healthy Eating

11. Nature Time

12. Reflection


115 pages total, digital download.  Can be used in digital notetaking apps.

Joyfulness 12 Week Workbook

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