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My Young Living journey started when I saw a little boy get hurt on the playground.  His mom put one drop of lavender oil on his foot and within a minute or two, he stopped crying and happily ran off! So, I decided to try a few oils. 


As I introduced Young Living products into our home, I quickly realized that one of our kids was reacting to all the synthetic fragrances in products.  As we removed these products from the bathroom, cleaning area, and laundry room and replaced them with Young Living products, I was stunned at how much better he breathed and his coughing was gone!  I thought, oh my goodness! What else is in my house that isn't good?  


Now, over four years later, our family uses oils and oil infused products in all areas of our life.  I am so passionate that they belong in every home and I am excited to share how you can benefit!

1. Every single house should start with a membership account because you get 24% off the retail price forever! The premium starter kit is your one stop shop for a natural, healthier surrounding.  I recommend the desert mist diffuser option because it allows you to diffuse for up to 11 hours with the most light options, including a glowing candle look!

2. You can then log in at any time and place orders as you like. 

3. Once you join the team, please message me your facebook profile so that I can get you connected with our education group!

1. Click on "Join Now" below.

2. Member is chosen, choose "continue" and "continue" to enroll with me.

3. Choose the Premium Starter Kit of choice (I like "Desert Mist Kit")

4. Scroll down to step 3 (if you want more products add them here), choose "next."

5. Choose "continue enrollment" when the pop-up appears.

6. FIll out your personal information, "continue and enroll."

7. Choose your payment and shipping method. And "order"!!!

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