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weight loss
let's Keep It SIMPLE!

You want to get healthier? You are sick of doing it on your own? You want the majority of your food to come to your door in an easy grab and go fashion? You want a community to help you learn habits that can benefit you life long? All for the cost of your groceries? This is where you should be!  

We've helped over 1,000 peoples take control of their health.  Our focus isn't just weight loss but also maintaining it!

We prefer that you reach out to us and fill out our health assessment so that we can ensure you get the best program for you, but if it's 2am, you are surfing the web and just want to get STARTED, we understand!

Step 1: Click here! In the upper right corner, choose "create account." You will be invited to enter some basic information. 


Step 2: Shop! Click shop - shop all.  This is where you will want to search for "essential fuelings" and choose 17! Once that is done, I highly recommend going to your cart and on the right hand side choosing "join premier" to get a free week of feelings (5 more boxes you can customize in your cart) and discounts in future months.  Don't worry, it's not a program you are stuck in!  If you prefer learning with books, please add the Habits of Health System to your order, if not we can provide the information via video and podcasts.


Step 3: Check out!


Step 4: If you didn't fill out our health assessment, please do that HERE! We will reach out to you within 1 business day to connect and get you plugged into our community and resources.

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