Travel Success

Hey there! My family was lucky enough to mix work and vacation together this past month! We loved Boston. We incorporated early American history, and wow, hands on learning is SO FUN!

Here are some tips to set yourself up for success:

1. Pack foods that will keep you on track (see the photo of my protein shake on the flight? PS - I love Nuzest, it's 100% pea protein, no junk). We packed protein, supplements, apple sauces, protein bars.

2. Have down time in your schedule. I know it's so fun to pack everything in, but in the non-rushed moments, you have time to really enjoy people, including your family and random strangers. This can be a really rewarding time.

3. Do something you maybe wouldn't normally do. We decided to learn more about photography before the trip (we homeschool, and so we really learned about each of the boy's camera). They ran all over on our trip taking photos. It was great to see and they really got into getting great shots!

4. Pack your clean toiletries. Guys, I cannot stress this enough! We stayed at a nice place and the shower (see photo) had shampoo with "organic" ingredients. I looked then up, and many of them are hormone disruptors, body system disrupturs, and toxic! Know your products, know your companies.

5. Last, but most important, savor your family time. We have one beautiful life and time is our most precious commodity.


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