My Whys

When I struggle to find motivation to make this all work, I have to think of my way. I sit down, usually on my back deck, with coffee in hand, and dream…what do I want my life to look like? What do I want to be able to do? For some of you that may be a vision board, for me it’s journaling my goals (my dad always told me you were 90% more likely to accomplish something if you wrote it down).

I think about many of my friends, moms, family members, dads. I think about each of you struggling to pay bills, hating your job, wanting freedom, wanting health, wanting an upward spiral rather than a downward spiral, just the ability to make a fun choice! I think about you each when I make my choices, to plug along, to grow, teach and learn. When I am struggling, I look back to my WHY. Refocus on that. Let that renew you.

If I don’t know your WHYs, tell me. I want to be on that journey with you. If you’ve already gotten to your WHYs, then what are your new dreams? What are God’s dreams for you?

Here are my whys: • Financial freedom – zero debt, absolutely zero • Ability to bless others • At least two family mission trips a year • Send others on mission trips

• Help others live a healthy life • Fund adoptions • Fund crazy ideas at my church • Help my friends and family achieve financial freedom

• Be a positive influence in other lives • Funds to bless people, be the hands and feet of Jesus

• Help others be informed consumers and be a voice to get these toxins out of our lives • Put in multiple wells a MONTH through my nonprofit, Quenching Well I want to help others achieve all of these, and more.


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