Be Grateful

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

I was reflecting on life, the ups and downs, and wanted to talk about being grateful. We have so many things to be grateful for! Have you ever looked around? The space you live in, the town you belong to, the people that love you? Wow...really, we are immeasurably blessed. Even on a hard day, it's good to look around and say, thank you God for all that you give!

I truly believe that the way we filter information impacts how we respond and what we do with our life. Listen, life has't been all rainbows and butterflies...but how I choose to respond to the chaos, difficult people, tearful days, really does matter.

I am grateful.

And when you are grateful, I think it makes it easier to do things for others. I find myself getting so much joy out of helping others. What are you going to do today for someone else? Open the door? Smile? Buy them a coffee? Fund a microloan for $25? Put down the tech and talk when family comes home? You got this!

Gratitude, Appreciation and Helping Others


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