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Accountability, but Flexibility

Are you looking for accountability with macros or portion targets and a weekly check-in? You want the flexibility to choose the types of foods you want to incorporate in? 

What does this look like?

  • Personalized Macro Prescription

  • Weekly check-ins & 24/7 messaging with your coach

  • Data tracking in our app

If you are looking for a little more hands on approach, you can also add on: 

  • Monthly Video Calls with your Coach

  • Personalized Meal Plan


In your weekly check-in we are focused on 15 different metrics: 

  • Body weight

  • Measurements (waist, hips, chest etc.)

  • Body Composition

  • Energy

  • Mood

  • Hunger

  • Stress

  • Consistency of diet adherence

  • Sleep

  • Water intake

  • Fiber intake

  • Performance

  • Frequency of Exercise

  • Habits

  • Changes in Mindset

To get started, simply create an account here and follow the steps! Coaching starts at $160/mo.

Want to know a little more about macrocounting? Read this blog post!

We've helped over 1,000 peoples take control of their health.  Our focus isn't just weight loss but also maintaining it and moving to lifelong health!

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