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My husband and I have been health advocates for most of our lives. Craig is a General Surgeon and Trauma Director, with extensive training in nutrtion.  I have a background in psychology, project management and nutrition.  I am a certified health coach and have my Precision Nutrition Level 1.  

I don’t even like sharing my before photo on the left.  I have always been active and healthy. But, as I get older, and life happens, I became softer, pudgier.  This was very frustrating for me.   I was a girl who meal prepped, didn’t use chemicals and worked out regularly. What was going on?!

Fast forward to today. I have leaned out, feel amazing, and have gained back time with my family.  I lost those annoying 16 pounds and feel wonderful.  And guess what all that macro counting and meal prepping I knew from my certifications wasn't helping me.  Optavia did! But the best part was learning about my body - what it liked and didn't like, what would trigger me to eat or not eat, and how to make it a lifestyle! I have kept the extra weight off and am thriving.

Craig was overworked, taking call for emergencies 33% of his life.  He loves his profession of surgery, but it was taking a serious toll on his health.  He didn't have time to take care of himself.  During this time, he gained a lot of weight.  So 2 days after I started the program, he joined me.  Of course, he lost weight much faster (seriously so annoying for us women) and he lost a total of 36 pounds.  He has kept it off and become a huge advocate of the program.  Watch his video below to understand his perspective!

We use a comprehensive program, Optavia, helping you in ALL areas of life.  If you feel out of balance in any of these: health, weight, sleep, hydration, emotion, physical or spiritual, WE will help walk you through these and enable YOU to make it a LIFELONG TRANSFORMATION.


I coach others through this same process.  I love walking the journey with others and helping them be their healthiest selves. It includes:

  1. Coaching

  2. Community & Support

  3. System to guide you through lifelong healthy habits 

  4. Nutritional Component

I want this for you. I want to walk this journey with you! Let’s chat so that I can understand where you are with health, your goals and any concerns.​

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